Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal #edcmooc

My first blog. My first post. Named the blog in honor of my deceased brother Victor, who once told my Mom he was having a “Nervous Brain Down.”  Thought it an apt description of how I’m feeling as I force myself in spite of exhaustion and ambivalence (teeter toddering between genuine interest in the subject and the fact that I don’t have any use for things like Twitter and tumblr and Instagram, or for blogs in general) about engaging seriously in this MOOC. Week One of the EDC Mooc, and I’ve just watched the intro video and a few of the film clips, both portraying dystopian views of the impact of technology on humans and society. We’ve been asked to think of other films that portray either utopian or dystopian views of technology so naturally I thought of 2001. Wall-e. I, Robot (the movie, although I know it’s from a book or short story). War Games. They didn’t ask about books, but my mind naturally wandered to the Orwellian classic 1984, and the children’s book Wump World. Back to films: Coma, Alien, Terminator, RoboCop, Bladerunner.  The Jetsons!  Songs: Video Killed the Radio Star. Okay.  I got it.  It’s everywhere.  A point of view that either technology is bad, or at the very least, that you better be careful or it’ll have accidental negative consequences, perhaps irrevocable consequences like death or the end of the human race. Minority Report. Ender’s Game (didn’t see the movie, but read the book). Iron Man actually pits utopia (Iron Man, the brainy, handsome, somewhat narcissistic hero who nevertheless uses technology for good)  against dystopia (whatever bad guy who uses technology for evil). Now I’m supposed to think about how this cultural view of the role of technology in society and the impact of technology on humanity shapes our views of the use of technology for learning. Thoughts anyone?


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